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Lies to Come in 2021

Although last night may have been a bit of a chuckle fest with jokes over text and on social media about how glad we all are that 2020 is...

The Stolen Year

The year 2020 was stolen from us. It was stolen from little children and high school and college students who missed almost an entire...

From the Desk of a Chump

I have seen a lot of psychosis in my career. Often alcohol or drug induced, sometimes strictly organic in nature, psychosis can be...

Back to School (Sort of)

The new academic year has started and kids were thrilled to go back to school and college. Well, the ones who were allowed to go back to...

Get Behind the Wheel

Fear is a powerful motivator. It keeps us from doing things we’ve always wanted to do, or should do, and it is used by evil people to...

The Media Unmasked

One of the smartest things I did in 2008 was get rid of television. I wasn’t quite scrounging around in the couch cushions for milk money...

God Bless the Contrary American

I come from a long line of contrary people. Law abiding, but contrary nonetheless. My mother’s people come from Ireland and immigrated to...

Mothers and Fathers and Rugrats

Mother’s Day came and went and Father’s Day is just around the corner. Many older adults didn’t and won’t get to spend them with their...

This Will Be the Death of Us

I would like to die, in my dotage and in my garden, or after swimming in the ocean or somewhere out and about and not strapped to a...

How Jim-Bob Walton Saved My Life

I recently started re-watching The Walton’s on Amazon Prime and reflecting on how much the series helped me cope with a pretty lonely and...

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